Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 11

my side and said, “It’s alright, you were at church.” Hearing that, I was completely confused. “What has happened, what am I doing in this ambulance?” I later learned that while waiting to step onto the platform and beginning to feel dizzy; I had dropped dead. My heart stopped and I fell face forward. I was mercifully caught by a man standing close enough to intervene who guided my lifeless body to the floor, where I was laid upon my back. Eyes open. As my sister was telling me I had been at church, the paramedics quickly rolled me into the Emergency Department As soon as we got in, I had a second cardiac arrest. Considering how long I had been without a pulse after my initial collapse, I was not expected to live that night. My diagnosis was Sudden Cardiac Death. I never for one moment thought I was dying. Though I was "down" for approximately twenty minutes, (give or take a couple minutes), at my church and the hospital inclusive, the doctors and nurses were amazed that not only did I come back, but I miraculously suffered no brain damage! I was alert, and speaking with the doctors and visitors in the emergency department within two hours of my heart initially stopping. I answered all their questions and understood what they explained. Each doctor and nurse who saw me in the hospital, as well as during my many office visits over the next months, all agree I’m a miracle. I was kept in the hospital for two days even though there did not appear to be anything wrong other than the fact I had just dropped dead. Blood tests revealed I was hypokalemic (potassium deficient), but proved there was no heart attack. It was during this experience I learned the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest, the former (heart attack) stems from arterial problems and heart disease, whereas cardiac arrest indicates the heart suddenly stops beating. I did not have heart disease. I suffered cardiac arrest where the heart suddenly stops. Continued on page 60 JASMINE'S PLACE 11