Jasmine's Place Issue No. 19 - September/October 2017 - Page 10

My church is quite large, and many people stand in the aisles during the one hour prayer time. I had to navigate through the large number of people when it was time for me to go forward. As I made my way through the crowd, my heart started bea [\YH\][^\\YܙHHXZ[۝و[KHY&][]Xو]]\ ]\HH[YHHXXYH\HX[]ܛK^HX\Y\ ]\X[X][\\[\\[]]\Y]H[YHZH\ˈBHY[[[H[\H^KHXXYܘXوY][ B[][XYH^\[[[\YXZH[HHH\X]XZ˜[[\YH[\›] ]]^X[ \ۙ\›ZHHX\Z[YXܛ^B[Hو\[ۈHHY YY[Y HۛH[Y[X\]XX[\\\›^Hx)H]\܈ۙH[YB\Z[˂Y\Y[[Z[ H^[B[Y[X\\HH[X[[Hܜ›[[]H][[Hœ\[YYX[YH]ۈB\^K^H\\\[[\KBXZ]YH^Y\YHH^Hۂ]\\]^H[YY[[YH^H\ ^H\HHYY\Y[\\[X\]X[H\\ۙ[\\]][ۈYܝ˂[H^Hۈ][YH\šYK^H\\\]Y]B][ [\[[[B[X[[H^H HZ][ˈ[Bܜ[Y H[YH]ZXHŒLTRSIP