Jasmine's Place Issue No. 18 - May/June 2017 - Page 28

INSPIRATIONAL Four years ago, my husband, Tim, and I attended a press trip where, tucked into our swag bag, we found an info packet that listed all attendees by name, website, and number of followers. Flipping through the list, I noted some bloggers, another couple, with a reach of over 500,000. You Are Worth What You Value Shanna Mallon Encouragement to see life just a little differently 28 JASMINE'S PLACE A few hours later, when we rode the elevator down to an opening night reception in a room at our hotel, a smiling woman introduced herself and I immediately connected her to that bio and the numbers I’d seen. What would have otherwise been an ordinary meeting became a meeting with a person who’d impressed me. She was somebody. And while the experience of esteeming people by blog readerships may not be relatable to everyone, the experience of esteeming people by something is. Whether we do it by \[[&\˜X\\Y[\\Y\][Y[\\X[\X\[\\ۛX[ۜ܈\X[YYXH[H]\[B[]HXX\[˂\HHXH]]\H[YHx&[B]\\[[H\\\[][Y[[Z[\ۙ\Έ\[\XHܘ][žY]ۙ[[H\O]\[[H\H[\Hܚ]\HX\][]Y\[ۜX][[\œ[\[[ܜ[Y[܋\