Jasmine's Place Issue No. 17 - March/April 2017 - Page 6

STYLE Fashion With A Mission I It was very interesting to cyber-meet Jasmine Rennie, founder of Grace Made, a modest clothing line recently, given the similarity between her name and the name of this magazine. Here, she discusses her inspirations and vision for her clothing brand. I grew up in a Christian home with both my mother and father. They instilled biblical principles in my life, but I never had a true revelation of who Jesus was for myself. I struggled with identity and knowing my worth which led me to search for validation in the eyes of men. This only got worse when I went off to college. I longed to be loved and accepted and thought that getting attention by exposing my body would bring me the man of my dreams and fill that void, after all this is what I had been taught my whole life from the media. The women who were hyper-sexualized and dressed in a provocative way always ended up with the perfect guy - little did I know this was a lie from the enemy. In 2014, after being in a relationship that I believed would fill those God-sized voids, I realized that I could no longer do things my way. All of my efforts to do things in my own strength left me feeling broken and empty in the end. I finally decided to surrender my life to Jesus and began to seek Him out. As I began to get in the word the Lord started to reveal things to me about my identity in Him and His purpose for my life. One day as I was getting dressed, I heard the Holy 6 JASMINE'S PLACE