Jasmine's Place Issue No. 17 - March/April 2017 - Page 48

“I’ve never asked you this. But, do you believe in God?” “Yeah…but, I can’t understand how bad things can happen to good people. You know. I don’t know how He can ignore my prayers…” “Again I’ll mention a puzzle. When we’re born we each come with one puzzle piece. As we go through life, or milestones, we get another piece of the puzzle. The pieces of the puzzle come from life, and our journey…and the picture becomes clearer with each milestone, or significant tribulation. Faith is like a puzzle.” Jemma smiled and leaned forward toward “Nora.” “Jemma. God wants us to lean on Him for all things. Sure, He gives us free will to choose, but He expects our choices to be aligned with His word. And to stay focused on Him no matter what. With each trial we overcome, thanks to His strength, we get another piece of the puzzle. The picture of faith becomes clearer and bigger each time. You understand?” “I guess. But, when does this so called puzzle get finished? When do we get the whole picture?” “The puzzle never stops. It gets bigger and bigger as you go through life…and your growth in the LORD, gets bigger along with the puzzle. 50 JASMINE'S PLACE When we pass away, and are called home, that puzzle of our life comes with us. It is how the LORD will judge us…based on our puzzle.” I watched that intimate encounter, and knew it was a blessing to have witnessed. One in which I’ll never forget, as evidenced by this writing. “Nora” passed away one month later. She had left only select staff notes. I was one of the fortunate ones to have received one. I chose to read her last words in my office. It was a long letter of thanks, mixed with metaphors, and love. However, it was the last paragraph which really choked me up: “In closing, don’t cry for me. I’m with the LORD. But most important, my puzzle has finally been completed. Sweet lady, please continue filling in your puzzle…until we meet again. God bless you abundantly.” Please note: This is based on a true encounter. The words in the conversation are as I remember them. And, “Nora” – whose name was changed to protect her identity, lives on in my heart. I’m sure her completed puzzle picture was as magnificent as she was… C D Swanson has written twenty Christian Books and contributes to various magazines that reach a worldwide audience, Should you like to check out CD Swanson and her work you may do so at her website. www.cdswanson.com