Jasmine's Place Issue No. 17 - March/April 2017 - Page 47

She was soft spoken, gentle, yet strong in her beliefs, and held tight to her faith, irrespective of obstacles, or hurdles thrust in her path, during her highway of life. She was amazingly elegant, and articulate in speech, and had a way of explaining things that opened up an entirely new perspective to the harshest critic of faith. Or to someone with no belief values. It was almost poetic. One of the most moving conversations occurred one wintry day. "Nora" needed help with an issue she was having. I offered to call the state department and was promptly placed on hold. And, to those who are familiar with the state, and its waiting time on hold, it’s tedious, and frustratingly long, to say the least. While on hold, a nurse’s aide burst into the room. The dialogue began with “Nora.” “How did your night go Jemma?” “I’ve never asked you this. But, do you believe in God?” “Yeah…but, I can’t understand how bad things can happen to good people. You know. I don’t know how He can ignore my prayers…” “It was okay, I guess. Nothing’s changed.” I turned to see “Nora” patting the bed motioning for Jemma to sit. “Honey, life is a puzzle. Sometimes we’re searching for the missing piece to complete the picture.” “Yeah. But, what happens if we never find it?” “Nora” reached for Jemma’s hand. JASMINE'S PLACE 47 49