Jasmine's Place Issue No. 17 - March/April 2017 - Page 35

Being rich in lauric acid which mimics breast milk, organic extra virgin coconut oil is considered nature’s healthiest oil and it is an excellent choice when used in cooking due to its high smoke point and unique flavor. conditions like eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris and shingles. • Promotes healthy weight loss while keeping the immune system strong. • Helps encourage hair growth. Depending on the temperature in the place where it is stored, organic extra virgin coconut oil can exist in the form of a solid or a liquid. Measuring the oil is always a good idea to avoid extra calories. Extra virgin coconut oil makes an excellent and tasty addition to smoothies, oatmeal, and salad dressings and can be used in place of butter. Here are some extraordinary health benefits of organic extra virgin coconut oil that you may experience with regular use. • Strengthens and protects the heart from stroke and heart attack. • Lowers high blood pressure • Lowers high cholesterol • Prevents infection, heals wounds and helps to protect against scarring of tissue. • Supports healthy thyroid function. • Increases metabolism and energy. • Contains collagen boosting antioxidants to keep skin supple and youthful looking. * Makes an excellent conditioner for soft, shiny hair. • Helps stop the itch and prevent infection from a poison ivy outbreak. • Aids in healing the skin from Store organic extra virgin coconut oil at room temperature and awa g&ƖvB7V627W&&BBVWvVf WFGvV'2vFWBvp&6BॖR6W6RWFfW F&W72W"F6fVǒf"&R'FB'F6W2vN( 27WW"fG2f"W 7WW&GW&VFBvVW72V6Rf6BגvV"6FR@wwr7WW&GW&ǖVF6&VfW&V6W3GGwwrG&6f&זW&VF6vV&Ww6WG@W'2r66WF'F6RF( 7W'G2VFF&BgV7F␦GGwwrGW&ƆVF7G&FVvW2666WBЦֆVF&VVfG2FW&26@GGwwr&v6f7G2WB&v22&v2Ц66WBVF&VVfG2b66WBFv&B&W77W&RV'BF6V6R66W"F&WFW0F&7FW&FgVv( `"&Vw&wFGGv&FVfƖfR6&GV7G6f$ƖfRĕdtdE2WG&f&v66WDF&BcFVfVB76&RW6VB6Rb'WGFW 4ԔRu24P3P3