Jasmine's Place Issue No. 17 - March/April 2017 - Page 29

until I started typing this. I’ve gotten so accustomed to not spending on impulse that I enjoy not spending and having more money in my pockets. Pick certain days out the month that you’re not going to spend eating fast food or choose to spend more time at home or at a friend’s instead of going out. You’re richer than you think. Just don’t spend your riches. We also stopped buying little knick knacks that we did not need so often. SELL YOUR STUFF Sometimes we have our hands closed and God cannot place any blessings into our lives because of this blockage. Find a few items to get rid of and give away. Not only will you make a few bucks, but you are going to get blessed aft er. You’ve gotta give to get. Skim your place for items you can sell to make room for something better and gain a few dollars at the same time. Girl, you are richer than you think! Again, if you look at your finances as poor and lacking then they will be just that...poor and lacking. You are in control of your money. Don't let your money tell you what to do, Boss. You control the money; the money doesn't control you. With faith, humbleness, and sacrifice you have the ability to find money in places you didn’t realize existed. With a positive mindset and perspective on your finances you open your eyes to see more areas of wealth and riches in your life. Humbleness and sacrifice allow you to seek money in the hidden spots of your budget. You have money. You are rich. Your broke days are over. Remain calm, evaluate your finances, and find your money. You are richer than you think. After working at a community bank, Miesha strives to share the wisdom she gathered with others on her blog. Miesha believes that money is a daily struggle for everyone that can be eliminated with the right mindset and better money management strategies. When Miesha is not blogging, she enjoys quality time with her husband and taking beautiful photos for creatives and entrepreneurs. Visit her at: http://www.foreverlivingonaprayer.com/ JASMINE'S PLACE 29