Jasmine's Place Issue No. 17 - March/April 2017 - Page 26

FINANCE So you're checking out all your bills and realize you are barely breaking even, and don’t have much left to spare. The total of your bills almost exceeds your bank accounts and payroll. You begin to panic, breathe faster, and then it starts…the worry, stress, anger, and sometimes depression. Your mind begins to receive an overload of negative thoughts and your happiness begins to deplete, all because the numbers aren’t where you want them to be. At this moment, take a step back and pause. Breathe. You know that thing you do to inflate your lungs with air and live? Yeah, do that thing. Your mind is filled with nothing but negativity. Walk away, relax, recover from this anguish and don't look at the \YZ[[[[HX[\Z[ ^K[X\H]X][ۋY[HHH[ܞH][\[[X[]X][ۈ[[HۉHXH^] ۉ]\HY[[[[[[ۜ\X[HHH][ۋ[H]HB][ێ\X]K[H\HX\[[H[˂[x&\HX\[[BS“ZY\H[ܚ[Y\H[[ۙ^H\H[HY&][[HY[HB[x&\H\H]H^HB[X\Y\[[x&\HZ[™Y\H][x&\H[][ܙB[ۙ^K[H۸&]X[^H][H[XYB]HH[ۙ^KHۛHۛ[ۙ^B[HYH][H\\X\[Xš]^\]]YH[[H[\B][ۙ^H[ [Y[X\IܙBX][Y[ZX[[Y]]HYˈ]]HYŒTRSIPB]\[[H\]B\ˈH[^\\[]8&\ۙ\[[^HXX[B^K8'Y\HHٙ\]\[\[\K'HY[H۸&]\[^H۸&][ x&]BY[H]HYHH\[\X]\HH\Y