Jasmine's Place Issue No. 17 - March/April 2017 - Page 23

and human trafficking, and challenges us all to play our roles in ending slavery. • The website lists forms of slavery as: • Domestic Servitude • Forced Labour • Child Labour • Sex Trafficking • Bonded Labour • Forced Marriage • It explains that there are an estimated 20.9 million people trapped in some form of slavery today. The figures are overwhelming, the stories are horrific, and sometimes when this is the case, people feel as if there is nothing that they can do. But End Slavery Now lists 137 actions that can be taken right now if some form of action has not already been taken. One of them is to read and share the signs of child trafficking at airports and advice listed below which have been compiled by Airline Ambassadors International (www.airlineamb.org). Suspicions should arise if you’re travelling this summer, and see a combination of these red flags: Individuals: • have few or none of the usual personal items when checking in or boarding a flight • are accompanied by someone who is far better dressed • • • • • • • avoid eye contact or are watchful to the point of paranoia are unusually submissive to the person(s) accompanying them are not allowed to speak for themselves if directly addressed, with someone else insisting on answering or translating for them do not appear to know where they are or where they are going do not have the freedom to separate themselves from those person(s) accompanying them (to use the restroom, stroll through the aircraft etc) may exhibit signs of physical abuse appear to be malnourished and/or eat in-flight food ravenously are evidently afraid of uniformed security personnel (being fearful of revealing their immigration status) speak of a “modelling” job or similar without knowing who would be meeting them on arrival IF IN THE AIR, ask the pilots to contact ICE or ground authorities. IF ON THE GROUND, report concerns to the TSA, CPB, ICE or call the Homeland Security Tipline: 1-886- 347-2423. VICTIMS SERVICES, CALL THE National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline at: 1-888 373-7888 Learn more at: http://www.endslaverynow.org/ JASMINE'S PLACE 23 23