Jasmine's Place Issue No. 17 - March/April 2017 - Page 18

WEDNESDAY – There’s so much to do each day that sometimes it’s really lovely to chill on the beach, enjoy the beautiful view and watch the various sailing boats, windsurfers and kayaks that are out on the water. Another activity on offer that has proved very popular this summer is use of our hybrid bikes – these are perfect for cycling on the roads or on the off-road trails. Explore the island either with a member of the Richmond team leading the way or just head out with other holiday-makers. Following our special “Celebration Evening”, where we X][\ܝY[ووHYZ˜[X\[HYY[[\]Y\HZH[[[H]HX[ۙZ[Y \\[^\˜[X[[\XX[H[B'\H['HH[Hق'ۈ^YHx'HBTVH8$\HXZ[YXۙۈX]\[HX\B][[[وH^H[B[[Z[H]\۝ [^[ۈH[\XXX[[[HH[[Z[ B[\][[YX[ۂHۙ\[Y^HB[]Z\H]HٙXHY[H[ZB[ۙHو\[[Y^\B[X[ۙ ZX^\˘BNTRSIPB][]\]š[ܙYXH\][Y]ق\^H[H\[K\XX\ݙ[H[\H܈YB[܈HٙYH HۙH[ٝ[[\^Z[H[\H^H