Jasmine's Place Issue No. 17 - March/April 2017 - Page 16

morning caffeine fix! SATURDAY – Visiting Psili Amos, the next beach along from Mykali Bay, is a fun trip. Psili Amos is easily accessible by either a 15-minute gentle bike ride (using Richmond’s own bikes) or a 30-minute walk. Alternatively, and not for the faint- hearted, there is a beautiful hike route over the high road on the hills that gives such wonderful views of the bay and eventually winds down to the sandy beach. With shallow waters that go incredibly far out and views of Turkey in the distance, this beach is lovely to venture to for some lunch or a coffee - one can often end up staying the entire day! Psili Amos is a particularly special place for the Richmond team as this is where we have been witness to several baptisms of refugees that Linda our resort pastor has met during her work at the camp this summer. SUNDAY – This is definitely one of the highlights of the week and a day where we enjoy fantastic times of fellowship. We start with our communion service in the morning led by our ministry leader; here, we take time to be thankful and break bread with one another. Following this, we head down to the waterfront and join in with the weekly Richmond regatta! These legendary races always result in lots of fun and laughter as people fall into the water (often when trying out risky moves to get ahead… then ending up capsized!). The staff team on the safety boats have to keep a close eye to make sure nobody sneaks over the start line before the race begins! But it is all fun and games and many an afternoon has been spent following the regatta reminiscing about the antics on the water. Then in the evening we have the much loved ‘Big Quiz’; always a favourite, this quiz tests both general and Richmond-specific knowledge! 16 JASMINE'S PLACE