Jasmine's Place Issue No. 17 - March/April 2017 - Page 10

INSPIRATIONAL For Such A Time As This Julie Arduini It’s not a matter of “if”. But “when”. Defining moments come to everyone. How will you respond when yours comes knocking? We just wrapped up our son’s first semester of college and as always, I marvel at God’s hand in our lives. Brian is a commuter student, and the university has a policy that if you live 50 or more miles away from campus, you must live on campus. We live 49 miles away. He qualified as a commuter, but it definitely took a toll as it was an hour away one way. As the weather changed and the assignments increased, it was a challenge for him. Professors explained he would be at a deficit because there were group projects. Most students lived on campus and met at night. Our son didn’t know how he’d make the schedule work. That meant he wouldn’t get home until midnight, traveling on a busy highway known for accidents. At one point he wanted to just be done, quit. He knew with the other campuses associated with the school would most likely transfer to a closer one. That didn’t help him at the moment. He was tired. The drive was draining. The homework was demanding. He needed 10 JASMINE'S PLACE