Jasmine's Place Issue No. 16 - August 2015 - Page 34

Mountain climber: Place hands on floor, slightly wider than shoulder width. On forefeet, position one leg forward bent under body and extends other leg back. While holding upper body in place, alternate leg positions by pushing hips up extending forward leg back and pulling rear leg forward under body, landing on both forefeet simultaneously. Same as if you are running in on all fours. Instructions Perform all 8 exercises as a circuit - one exercise after another till you finish. Rest at the end of each circuit for 30-45 secs. Repeat the circuit 2-3 times. performing the prescribed reps. Stretch. If you are not familiar with any of the exercises, please look them up on you tube to know how to perform them. Even though the exercises are pretty simple, if you cannot do anyone in particular, do a modified version. ie if you cannot perform a full pushup, get on your k nees and do the modified one. Don’t skip any exercise - start where you are. Nutrition • No Alcohol • No fast food 34 JASMINE'S PLACE • • • • • • • • • No juices or sugary drinks No Ice cream No Cookies, Cake or pastries No processed flour foods e.g bread (No bread at all) No white grains like rice (swap all white carbs for brown) No processed corn foods No Chips No food that has enriched in the first 3 ingredients No fake sugars like sucrose & aspartame Instead Eat • A minimum of 6 veggies a day • 2 portions of fruit a day • 2 portions of complex carbs a day (A portion is 1 250ml cup of Starchy veg like yam, plantain, sweet potatoes. ½ cup of grains and lentils eg brown rice, beans , Quinoa.) • 2 portions of fats a day (1 portion is 1 tbsp oil, 12 almond nuts ½ avocado.) • 2 litres of water a day • 1 tbsp. of pure honey Olubunmi is a wife and mum of two. She is a working professional and CEO of “I am more than a diet”. She is passionate about keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle. You can connect with her on www.iammorethanadiet.com