Jasmine's Place Issue No. 16 - August 2015 - Page 29

The sterile fluorescent lights made it feel more like a minimum-security prison than a corporate lobby. Camille took a deep breath and burbled it back out in a way she'd never have done if there was anyone else present in the room. Suddenly, her heart sank with the kind of tidal wave of dread and regret that might accompany a life-long goal that is no longer attainable. Oh no - security cameras! you n-" The receptionist froze at Camille's startled shriek. To add insult to injury, notes and pages landed in every possible order and direction as Camille's painstakingly-prepared- presentation-notebook hit the floor. Cam did likewise, scrambling for papers as if groping for God's delightful, hidden, joyous purpose - which seemed to be suddenly AWOL. Panic-stricken, she glanced at the ceiling, inspecting the corners for tell-tale hardware, convinced someone was going to discover her for a complete and total dork. "I-sorry-um..." "Get a grip, Cam...God's in control, right?" She scolded herself. With determination, Camille paused, took another deep breath, and turned to that trusted place of prayer that had so often shepherded her through difficult times. After all, The Lord had opened this door of opportunity - a once in a lifetime interview! “Miss Larson is here for her 10:30 and currently sprawled on the ground recovering what I believe is her presentation Sir,” the receptionist answered robotically without thought or purpose. He did it for a reason…His plan, His purposes. His unbelievably fantastic Amazing Grace. And His unadulterated unconditional agape love. Yes, He was- "Miss Larson? Mr. Mills will see "What's going on out there?!?" thundered a voice from inside the hallowed offices. She knew she had someone in her corner that was in control. And He was the catalyst for the story… Camille’s face burned as she hurriedly scooped the papers from the ground. Her heart was JASMINE'S PLACE 29