Jasmine's Place Issue No. 16 - August 2015 - Page 24

FLOWERS FOR MAMA SHE SAW JESUS IN ME By Christy Pearce Well, she must have seen something in me. I mean, something other than all the nasty rotten things that make up “me.” I don’t pretend that I am holier than she is. In fact, my 11 year old daughter Emily knows I am anything but holy. So, she had to see something much better than me to want to “be like me.” You see, this week my soon to be 6th grade girl approached me and said “I want a blog.” Emi 䁡́́ѕɕ̸Mٕ) єɱ́!ȁM展̰́݅)她ͽѡ܁ݥѠȁȸ)ḾٕѼM݅э̃q ) ϊt9љ݅́Ѽݽɬ)ȁ ɱé 䁽)䁍ɽ̰̰ٕ͍́)ɽ́Ʌ̸MɅ)ݡ$ͭȁݡЁ݅͡ѕѼ)Ё$ѕȁѼձ)ͽѡЁѡqٽɥє)tи())M5%9LA1