Jasmine's Place Issue No. 16 - August 2015 - Page 18

SOCIAL ACTION OUR HISTORY GGF was founded in November 2004 by Dupe Makinde. With a passion and mandate to empower and inspire people and give them the opportunity to succeed in life, Dupe set up GGF to transform the lives of children and young people by creating opportunities to help them develop their skills and achieve their potential to the fullest. She believes that everyone has the ability to realise their potential and achieve their dreams if they believe in themselves, regardless of their background. One of the first major assignments that Dupe undertook was a successful fact-finding mission to Nigeria in January 2005. The trip involved visiting orphanages and schools in the western region of Nigeria. As a result of her visit and through the generous support of a small number of sponsors, GGF Dupe Makinde receiving the Third Sector Award from the Deputy Mayor of Greenwich: Councillor Norman Adams at the GAVS awards. 18 JA RSIPBXZ][H][و\ M\]B]\  TH[]K\H[[Z[BXZ[K\܈\^[ZK[Y[YHۜܜ\ق[[[\[X\ K\ܝ[Y\^Z[܈[X[Z][ۈY\[[\Y\Š][ۙ\N[YܛJKY[\YYX[\KY[ܚ[[ݚY[HYYX[H^H܂XX[ UH”\ܝ[[[[ݙ\BYHܚ[YXKBݚYHܜ[Y][[[[[[H[ۙH\[Y\›܈^[Y[Z[Y\[\]X[[HYX][ۋ\\˜XY]YHݚY[[H]YX][ۈ][Y\ܘ[[Y\X]܈X[[ݙ\K[[ܙX\HX\™ܛX[[X[YX][ۋHYX][ۈ][YH[Yܛ\\Y][ۙ\K^[YHX]\X[ˈB[YXX\Y\\HݚYY]HYX[