Jasmine's Place Issue No. 16 - August 2015 - Page 16

HEALTH EATING 6 POWERHOUSE FOODS TO LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE Make a list of these foods and add them to your grocery list - great stuff! By Joanna Faillace According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 68 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension each year. Some of the most significant contributors to this “silent killer” are stress, obesity, poor diet, genetics, smoking, an inactive lifestyle, and excessive sodium and alcohol intake. A normal blood pressure reading is generally 120 over 80 (120/80), but it is considered high blood pressure (hypertension) when those numbers rise above 140/90. A low sodium, low cholesterol diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, combined with a regular exercise program can help lower high blood pressure and keep it down. Here are six powerhouse foods that help lower high blood pressure: 1. Celery is a powerful anti- inflammatory and strong diuretic that can help significantly lower high blood pressure. Aim for four to eight stalks per day, including the leaves. 2. Pomegranate juice contains the most potent antioxidants of all juices and the hormone serotonin, which helps to promote feelings of well- being. Pomegranate juice helps lower high blood pressure by relaxing the arterial walls and allowing blood to flow more freely. 16 JASMINE'S PLACE Stacy Spensley