Jasmine's Place Issue No. 16 - August 2015 - Page 11

“Chins up, lasses, but a word, if I may. Your dedication is admirable, but a war fought with mistruths and harassment is no war. Carry on, now. Keep up the good fight.” We soldiered on. I wish I could say every bottle and barrel was eventually banished from our village, but it wasn’t so. Yet a few men did willingly sign the pledge, as Cora and I compassionately fought for, not against, the men who had fought courageously for us. First published at: http://www.faithwriters.com/wc-article-level4-previous.php?id=51102 Ann Grover lives and works on a 26 000 acre cattle ranch in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. She has three grown children, three granddaughters (7, 6, and 2) and another grandchild on the way. Besides writing, she enjoys quilting, gardening, and painting in her spare time. Visit her at: http://a-thousandhills.blogspot.co.uk/ / I sighed, too, wilted by our failing campaign. I could be digging potatoes, a more prosperous endeavour than harvesting recalcitrant sinners. “Let’s go home.” Wearily, Cora agreed. Would Commander Mavis forgive us for deserting our post? Would God? Hats: www.torbandreiner.com JASMINE'S PLACE 11