Jasmine's Place Issue No. 15 - February 2015 - Page 46

Continued from page 33 Household Items & Clothing: In an effort to save money and reduce global waste, link up with other people in your area by visiting the site www.freecycle.org. This website is available nationwide and advertises used household items and clothes, for free. Visit www.YWCA.org for more information about household items and clothing. Job Placement, Skills, and Professional Attire: Post your resume on every job site possible. Use the local newspapers, radio and television stations, and social media as additional ways to locate employment. Use job placement agencies in your area, including temporary agencies, which often lead to permanent positions. Here are a few helpful sites: www.theladders.com www.careerbuilders.com www.linkedin.com www.indeed.com Interviewing skills For interview attire for women who are changing careers or currently looking for a job, visit www.dressforsuccess.org and www.YWCA.org Medical & Eye Care: If you don't have medical insurance, visit samaritanministries.org for all details. For free eye care, call Vision USA at 800- 766-4466 or visit www.aoa.org/visionus.xml Homelessness, Housing, and Utility Assistance: Contact your local United Way or visit www.liveunited.org for assistance near you. Call 2-1-1 from any phone for emergency financial assistance in your area to access the United Way. Bridge of Hope exists to end and prevent homelessness. Visit www.bridgeofhopeinc.org for more information. Liheap helps keep families safe and healthy through initiatives that assist families with energy costs. Visit www.liheap.org for more information. HUD.gov helps low-income families secure housing. Visit www.HUD.gov for more information. 46 JASMINE'S PLACE