Jasmine's Place Issue No. 15 - February 2015 - Page 42

This is what the founder of the charity said in December 2013, “Some people would say we do what a person wants and not what they need, hot water is a need and a trampoline or playhouse isn't. Neither is a patio or table and chairs. Well here at Forces Support we believe the environment you live in is important, we believe that the children would have spent recreational time with their lost parent and by putting a trampoline in the child will gain recreational time. A patio and table and chairs will give a family somewhere to sit and spend quality time, in most cases the family will hold a gathering in their new garden, maybe drinks and a BBQ. After a bereavement things like the gardening or decorating can take a back seat, they seem unimportant and are subsequently left. We've seen families W6RFR&6F"&V6W6RFWFwBvBFBFR7FFRbFV"v66RFR7W'F2"&ƖG2F&6WBFRfWrbFRv&FVvRfPfVBFRBFRvgFW"FPC 4ԔRu24Pf֖ǒ2&V6VfVBW"VFWv6FVRFVWFRv&FVvB&FW"W7VǒFFrF@v6V2FWw&R7VFrFPVr6WFrFW'2vF6WFRFW"F62&VBFPRv66GW&VBFgVW"ƖfRvRǒF&fRf֖ǒw0Vf&VBFRRFWv&PW"FV"RvRFF0&V6W6RB26ǒFR&vBFrFFgFW"FV"6FVvFW"W6&BvfR'FW"FW" fFW"vfRFV"ƖfRf"W2W f֖ǒVVVB6VG'FwBRw&VS( Ф&466RfVFW"f&6W07W'B6&Gf&6W27W'B2r@'FW"BGFVFVBFRf'7BWfW &VBf&6W26&FW2&V6WF@Fvr7G&VWB7F&W"#2FgW'FW"6f&FRfVRbFPv&FWFW"w&GFVFV"f'7B&W6V&6&V7B2&VV66WFVBf"V&Ɩ6FfBWB&RCGGwwrf&6W77W'B&rV