Jasmine's Place Issue No. 15 - February 2015 - Page 36

COMMUNITY We fell into debt when Steve became ill and had to leave work. He took out a loan against the house but didn’t tell me. When the house was repossessed, I blamed him. I tried to make one meal a day so the boys had something good to eat. Steve and I often didn't eat. We’d not long joined CAP when we received a Christmas hamper. It made me cry; I didn't feel we deserved it! We both became Christians on a CAP break, and we got baptised shortly after. The best thing about CAP is that it brought Steve and I back together. Sue and Steve There’s Always Good homeless unit. I borrowed money from a doorstep lender, but things spiralled out of control. With no money I lived on a diet of rice. After CAP stepped in, the lender stopped harassing me and I started to breathe again. Katrina Members from the local church brought me food parcels and I saw hope again. I’d been angry with God for a long time; I felt He’d left me. My marriage of 15 years went dramatically downhill due to drug abuse so I left and ended up in a 36 JASMINE'S PLACE Whilst on a CAP break, I realised this wasn’t true and I asked Jesus to be part of my life . Now I am debt free, it’s like a new beginning.