Jasmine's Place Issue No. 15 - February 2015 - Page 28

How many girls a year are affected? Every year, 13.5 million girls around the world marry before their eighteenth birthday. Based on current trends, 142 million girls will be married in the decade to 2020. That’s an average of 14.2 million girls every year. What are the impacts on the child bride? Getting married too young can mean a life of problems for young girls. They are exposed to experiences which they are neither mentally nor physically prepared for. This can range from severe sexual and reproductive health complications (including fistula and maternal mortality) and high infant or child mortality, to domestic violence, social isolation and extreme poverty. We know that World Vision aims to stop this practice through Child sponsorship. How does sponsoring a child work? How are the funds disbursed? On the child's education? On educating parents/community leaders? On creating sustainable economic practices for the community? On raising awareness? Please outline. When you sponsor a child through World Vision the money goes towards supporting the child’s entire community. World Vision commits to being in a community for around fifteen years and in this time will support local people with things like access to education, health care, safe water, sustainable access to food and ongoing ways to make money - such as setting up small businesses. World Vision also works with communities to promote gender equality and social change to end harmful practices. Many of these will help prevent the need for parents to resor BFV&ǒ'&vRख6WfW&6VFW2v&Bf66'V26G&V( 26V'2vW&R6G&V&RFVvB&WBFRFvW'2b6B'&vRBvBFFbFWfVVFW&RB&6v&Bf66v&2FVGV6FR&VG2B6VGVFW'0&WBFRVFBVvƖ6F2b'&vrVFW&vR'&vRGW&rVW&vV6W27V62FR7W'&VB7&7&62v&Bf66WG2W6fP6W2f"6G&VFV&B&V6VfR7W'BF&V6fW"g&琧G&VFWfR&VVF&Vv#4ԔRu24P