Jasmine's Place Issue No. 15 - February 2015 - Page 22

Hospital in Colorado. They explained CF in detail and what it would mean for our family going forward. CF is a disease that makes the mucus throughout the entire body extremely thick, which blocks and disables many other body functions. Brandon does not absorb food properly. The medical forecast is that Brandon will be sterile, that he will continue to ge [[X[ۜX[XYHܙ\][BܜH H]H[\]Z\H[ܙH[[ܙHYYX[\[][X[HB[X[X[[HH[’U[H[]HX[H][^\ˈ\\[X]YYH[\›]Xܝ\]ы]8&\]XX\x&[H][\Hx&]H\][HX\Y] \x&\[^\[XH[YHY[˜H\[\&HYKTRSIP