Jasmine's Place Issue No. 15 - February 2015 - Page 12

COMMUNITY Signs that may suggest that abuse is occurring : 1. A woman may never be seen alone, she is always accompanied by her partner. 3. Her partner may talk over her or for her and she may be reluctant to speak. Her partner may appear controlling or may regularly make disparaging comments about her. 5. If her partner is behaving publicly in an inappropriate manner she may justify and excuse his behaviour. 7. She may appear to be very fearful, jumpy or over careful in her partner’s company. 2. She may become more and more isolated, possibly moving a long way from family. She may not have any friends or may gradually stop seeing them, she may withdraw from church. 4. She may have unexplained injuries. However, most perpetrators are skilled in ensuring the injuries they inflict on their partners are in places that are easily able to be covered up. When approached about any injuries she may make excuses about how they happened. 6. She may lose her job, have regular unexplained absences from work or often be late to work. 8. Her partner may contact her excessively, constantly texting and ringing her. 9. She may have no access to money. 12 JASMINE'S PLACE 12