Jasmine's Place Issue No. 14 - December 2014 - Page 6

Contents DECEMBER 2014 Inspirational 8. Entrusted: Julie Arduini, author, talks about her newly released book Entrusted, and the crafts of writing romantic novels. 18. Postmarked Ever After: Mary L Ball, author of Postmarked Ever After, previews her book and shares about the crafts of writing. 18. God’s Love: Aity Dennis talks about the Love of God in her song “God’s Love” She also answers the question “What is Love” on page 51. 34. Unbreak My Heart: Rhonda McKnight, multi- award wining author of Unbreak My Heart, shares snippets from her writing craft and latest book. 38. And The Two Are One: Joanna Faillace talks about her 30 year marriage to Jim Faillace. 48. Winter Wonderland: Diane Dean White, author of four books, and the latest Winter Wonderland, takes us into her writing craft and latest book. JASMINE'S PLACE 6