Jasmine's Place Issue No. 14 - December 2014 - Page 56

There are a number of moments just like this one, where I am reading something for the first time and I am completely blown away at the power of God and what He does when His people call on Him. God never grants a request in a simple way - He always wants for those in doubt to understand that He is sovereign. In my very first post, The Novice, I reveal that I did not grow up reading the Bible. My idea of what the Old Testament was was so far from what it actually is - I imagined that it was full of “Thou art”, “Thou Shalt Not’s” and the like. I did not realize the richness that unfolds through story after story of God raising up the least likely individual to deliver His chosen people in ways still unimaginable to me in my limited knowledge. Yes, I considered myself a Christian, but knew very little of His Word. I knew about Noah and the Ark - but did not understand that there was a flood that God created to wipe out mankind because of sin. I knew of an old man named Abraham, but did not get that he was incredibly adept at hearing God and obeying - regardless of how hard that might be for us to comprehend. I did know that a disciple named Judas would betray Jesus, but I never knew that the betrayal was sealed with a kiss and for 30 pieces of silver. Not seeing the Chaldean names given to Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego written in ink in the Bible can cause one to hear Abednego as “a billy goat”. I will admit, the Bible has always been intimidating to me. When you do not open it regularly and read with the humble heart of receiving, it is almost certain that you will fall prey to misunderstandings of parables, stories and people that are referenced over time. Yes. This is true. A billy goat. Not only that, but not knowing who these young men were and how they were willing to sacrifice themselves because of their complete and faithful devotion to God is unfortunate to not know. Thank God for the Book of Daniel. Thank God for all of His Word. JASMINE'S PLACE 56