Jasmine's Place Issue No. 14 - December 2014 - Page 50

Which chords do you hope your romantic novels strike with readers? I was showing in Texting Mr. Right, that a Christian couple can fall in love, and run into road blocks like anyone else, but when they turn to God and trust Him, He can sort out their difficulties. I try to share the salvation plan in all of my books. That might turn some readers off, but I feel writing is a gift the Lord gave me and knowing Him is the most important step a person can make. Give us a hint about the plot in your newly released novella - Winter Wonderland. I wanted to write a story about downtown Detroit, during the early 50’s when there was so much happening in the country. This is a special story; WWII had ended the economy was booming, and many people left their home to move to Detroit for a job in the auto industry. I was able to bring it into my story. This story holds a lot of Biblical truths, among the romance and history. It starts in August when the Willis family move to Detroit and the focus is on Ruth, a loving daughter who gets a secretarial position at the well known J. L. Hudson Department Store, downtown Detroit. She is career minded, until she meets Clint, and things change. She has never seen snow, and can’t wait for it to fall. The story concludes at Christmas and focuses on all the fun activities during that time in the motor city. Thank you Diane for your time. Visit Diane and find out more about her books at: http://simplepleasureswithdiane.weebly.com/ The research about Detroit is true; but the people are fiction, the plot is fiction. There are scenes about the couple helping out at an area mission, and that's true. My husband’s grandfather and wife founded that in the thirties and . JASMINE'S PLACE 50