Jasmine's Place Issue No. 14 - December 2014 - Page 49

Do you envisage characters before plots or the other way round? No, and that’s one reason I don’t care for people on the covers of my books. I like readers to be able to see the characters from their own eyes, put faces to the people I write about. I bring characters into my plot. Obviously, I have an idea of the main characters, but as write more about them, ideas develop, and I make them come alive. You released a novella in September and have just released another one (Winter Wonderland) - how do you do it? How are you able to write so fast? The novella was fun. I could never imagine writing two at once, but after Texting Mr. Right was finished, I was part way through my Christmas novella. The reason I’m able to spend time on these stories is two-fold: I’ve got a groove going with my ideas and I’m able to do a couple at one time now. My hubby helps with some research and has formatted a couple of mybooks into ebooks for me. We’re good team and he’s my strongest fan and supporter. Why do you write about romance? I generally write romance and suspense. My book This Side of Heaven, which I’ve worked on for two years, and took time away to do the two novellas, is a novel and equally suspenseful with romance, On a Summer Night, released last October was also a circle of events among some romance. Texting Mr. Right was pure Christian romance. I had fun writing it, but pure romance isn’t my long range plan.  Any romantic cues in your life that you take inspiration from? I’ve been married to Steve for over forty-two years and we have a loving relationship, and having three grown children and knowing teens, college kids, etc. … a Christian couple can fall in love, and run into road blocks … but when they turn to God and trust Him, He can sort out their difficulties. JASMINE'S PLACE 49 49