Jasmine's Place Issue No. 14 - December 2014 - Page 44

ministers go into brothels in Harare mid mornings on Saturdays and usually hold a meeting in a room that has been rented by one of the ladies. The charity teaches, discusses, extends God’s love, social acceptance and counsel, and offers a way out of this deadly trade. THE WIDOWS’ MINISTRY: The widows’ ministry is potentially one of WIF’s most dynamic ministries. Women widowed through the AIDS pandemic often emerge destitute and ailing from HIV/AIDS infections. They cannot fully care for their children and are often scarred from anger, fear, despair, social stigma, and rejection. Children feeding each other WIF’s major task is not only to minister spiritual, emotional and physical healing, but also assist mothers with food, clothing and school fees for their children. Orphan with sick friend and brother Grandma Kalanga with some of her 14 grandchildren JASMINE'S PLACE 44 44