Jasmine's Place Issue No. 14 - December 2014 - Page 36

Purpose and readers keep me in front of my laptop. Why do you write romantic novels? I’m in love with love. I love the potential of it. I’ve always gushed over those sappy romance movies and I love to read a sweet romance, so writing romance seemed a natural fit for me. However, I do want to say, my first three novels are women’s fiction. The romance writing has actually come later. I released my first romance in the A Woman’s Revenge anthology in 2013. Any romantic cues in your life that you take inspiration from? Uh, not right now. I’ve been divorced for five years and I’m enjoying this season of life. I am in love with my children and my little doggy.  Give us a hint about the plot in your newly released novel: Unbreak My Heart. Unbreak My Heart is the second book in the Second Chances Series. It’s the story of Cameron Scott and Jacob Gray, a young married couple who have been estranged from each other because of a past betrayal. But while more than 7000 miles, 5 years and her “outside baby” have kept them apart, they’ve never stopped loving each other. I’m in love with love television star hits rock bottom, Jacob decides to save her by producing a television series to give her a job and get closer to her. Unfortunately, secrets and unspoken words make it difficult for them to leave the past in the past. Which chords do you hope your romantic novels strike with readers? My novels all have strong messages of faith and forgiveness. The Second Chances Series continues those themes. I hope readers will see that we all have the potential to take detours in life and/or make mistakes, but we serve a God of second chances. It’s never too late to make things right if we’re humble before HIM. Thank you, Rhonda for your time. Visit Rhonda at www.rhondamcknight.net and read an excerpt from “Unbreak My Heart”. When Cameron’s career as a reality JASMINE'S PLACE 36