Jasmine's Place Issue No. 14 - December 2014 - Page 25

Four weeks before • You can buy favours and decorations for your Christmas table. There are always new ideas around to really impress your Christmas guests. I use candy sticks. Three weeks before • Send out your Christmas cards and presents. Get them there early! • Pretty up your house - buy, decorate and put up your Christmas tree, and decorate your house. • Plan your food and drink shopping list according to the number of guests you’re expecting. Hopefully, by now, you will know! • Clear out your fridge and cupboards so that you can begin to buy and store your food and treats for Christmas. Not an easy task, but it’s worth it, so you can start to buy non-perishable goods for the day. • You don’t want to not have enough cutlery and crockery on the day. So, check that you’ve got enough. If not, make plans to buffer your collection. Two weeks before • Buy your Christmas party outfits if you haven’t done so already! • Write out emergency contact numbers that you might need during the Christmas period such as the numbers of your chemist, doctor, electricity and gas suppliers, emergency plumber and neighbours. •Check your stock. If you need any more things, buy them now. •You don’t want to panic on the day, so now’s the time to write out a time plan for Christmas lunch. One week before •Make sure your camcorder and camera are in working order and filled with batteries and film or tape. You’ve got to capture those memories! The day before •Check that you’ve got everything. Do that last minute shopping trip if you’ve forgotten anything. On the day •Relax and stay calm. If you’re cooking dinner make sure that your family and friends help out. •Enjoy yourself and remember it’s all about Christ. Merry Christmas! Abi is a wife, mom, teacher, and mentor. Down to earth, she loves good company, cresting new horizons, encouraging and strengthening people and good laughter. Visit Abi at: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/abi-bada/6/190/b48 JASMINE'S PLACE 25