Jasmine's Place Issue No. 14 - December 2014 - Page 20

He has a wonderful way of being romantic with the smallest of things, like the way he always opens the car door or restaurant entrances for me, his phone calls each day around lunchtime just to say, “hi.” Each morning when I awake, I smile, thanking the Lord for the pot of hot coffee he’s made for me, before leaving for work. Give us a hint about the plot in your new novel: Postmarked Ever After Recently widowed, Serena Gary, a registered nurse, battles the daily trauma of the Emergency Room, as well as her grief. She gets a delayed letter from a woman dying of cancer, for her late husband, telling him he has a daughter he never knew. While she is on hospital rounds, a child has a brush with death and ​recounts a vivid dream to her that bears a message. Will she risk happiness for the truth or keep a secret from the past? Which chords do you hope your romantic novels strike with readers? I hope to encourage readers to hold strong to the dedication of a loved one and see the picture beyond the momentary disagreements that partners can have. Thank you Mary for your time. Visit Mary and find out about her books, as well as her latest romantic Novel - Christmas at Angel Ranch - at http://marylouwrites.weebly.com/ By chance, Serena meets Adam Knox who just happens to be the husband of the women who wrote the letter. He has recently been widowed and an attraction begins to grow. When Serena meets Nicky, Adams’ daughter, she is sure that Nicky is her husband’s daughter. JASMINE'S PLACE 20