Jasmine's Place Issue No. 12 - July/August 2014 - Page 6

Contents JULY & AUGUST 2014 Inspirational 14 Where Miracles Happen - Miracles: Awesome events that happen in the nick of time and can change the course of lives. Lillian Rhoades points to the place where they happen. Healthy Food 12 Super-Naturally Healthy Caramel Apple Sundae Surprise Join Joanna Faillace, TV Host, for a great supernaturally healthy recipe! Features 12 20 18 Alabama The Beautiful Michele Fleming, takes us on a whirlwind tour of Alabama, showing us why it’s called “Alabama the Beautiful!” 14 26 Seasons in the Journey of Life Jennifer Prah provides insight to help us successfully navigate through the inevitable seasons of life. 18 36 Are You Fussing Around The House? Marijo Phelps shares great advice about how to start our days well. 24 And The Penny Dropped 42 The Train Debra Bee asks the question of the ages. Can you answer it? 42 Jan T makes her debut in this issue. Follow her adventures for inspiration and fun! 24 JASMINE'S PLACE 6