Jasmine's Place Issue No. 12 - July/August 2014 - Page 37

Are you having “one of those days”? You go into a room to pick up and then decide to check e-mail, well, maybe you should check the writing websites … then pretty soon you see junk that belongs in the kitchen sink. Pick that up and bus it to the kitchen. Oops, time to put in the laundry and get it off the floor in the bedroom, bathroom. Yep, those throws need washing to )[KX^XHH[]H[XYBY^H8']ZY][Yx'KYx)HۙXYH[ܙB[ZK[\ ZH NM H]\\[Y[H’[H[ZY8']H]H[[YHYK[ܘY[N™܈وX\H[Hو 'B'YHYK[ [[[H[[[وX\ ]]^HY] [[\Z[[\ X\وYKۛ]HSH[\[[B\H^H[K'B۸&]] ۸&]ܜH H۸&]']\[]\'K]H[[ӓ]HSH8)[\]\]\[[[ZYK\Y0HX\Z[š^Z[ܙYX[ܙ  ˝Z’TRSIPB