Jasmine's Place Issue No. 12 - July/August 2014 - Page 25

So, I was in the shops the other day looking for a bag. Something that would hold all the bits and pieces I needed to take on a mini-trip with me and still look stylish to boot. I walked to the bag section and the first sight was good. The bags were nothing less than delicious. So cute. But would they have THE bag I was looking for? I had very little time and dashed into the first shop. I looked carefully, keenly aware of time. Hoping…wishing… Then, I looked up (drum roll please) … and there it was. I went round the bag section - picked one, it didn’t look quite right. Picked another - nice colour, but… Another, too brash. Yet another - good size, but not stylish. And it went on like that. In the end, I picked one, not because I was happy with it, but just because of its size. With just a few more minutes to spare, I hot trotted to another shop a few stalls down. The entry door was down a few inches, and the security man looked like he would say - “shop closed”. But he didn’t. Good. When I got into the shop proper, I was glad I made the effort. Everything looked promising. The colours on the dresses reminded me of the colours I’d seen some days before in another shop. I’m not talking about other details, but the colours. Be ]]Y[BܙX]\\ۈH\\œ[H[\H]X\[H\B[\Yۙ\H\\YH[]\H[ۙK]\]وXX H[[›܈Y[ۙH]]ۈ܂YK[\]\Y] H\\[\Z[\YB][\ۙHHH\[œH\XK\X[Z[H]Z[]\]\]\[YۙY X[Y[[]\Y HܙX]^K\H[HZ][܈H[H™\HH H^[YKx&[[[H]HX\ۈH\HYHY܋[Y\I[YKHBݙH^H\[YH]X ^H[B\[YKH[^K]^B\[YH[H[YK;b ˈ]H[HY[H›][O“]]Yܘ[\ݙ[HY[[Y^BܙY[\][\\ݙ[Hܘ[[]\ H]\۸&]^XHH[YK]\H\H[Z[\ܝق[XY[H\Kݙ[Kݙ[Kݙ[K]HYHZ\[ۋ^HY˂TRSIPBB