Jasmine's Place Issue No. 12 - July/August 2014 - Page 22

Donna Winters: Relationship with work colleagues - A few weeks after my diagnosis of endometriosis, a gentleman who worked in my department told me he was sorry to hear of my problem, and invited me into his cubicle for conversation. Even though my husband and I had declined treatment and decided to remain childless, this man took it upon himself to argue for a different approach. He told me we would regret our decision ten years down the road and that it was our duty to raise children. Donna Winters As I listened politely, I thought, “This is none of his business.” I could have argued my position, but what was the point? I had to work in the same room as this fellow every day, and smooth working relationships were far more important to me than making my point. From that day on, nothing more was said on the topic and my relationship with him remained cordial for all of my years with the company. My goal at work was always to keep relationships with others as smooth as possible, even if I had to bite my tongue on very sensitive, controversial, or private issues. Harmony was the best policy, even at a personal, emotional price. Julie Arduini: Relationship with her husband - When it comes to her husband, I think transparent and consistent communication is key. We were newlyweds, still trying to get to know each other. We didn’t want to disappoint each other, so a lot on my end was left unsaid. Julie Arduini www.juliearduini.com I wish I’d spoken up more so he could know how I was feeling and what my needs were. He tried, but I didn’t give a lot of direction, so we both ended up disappointed. Infertility is not a journey any woman should take alone. Don’t be afraid to share openly with your husband. JASMINE'S PLACE 22