Jasmine's Place Issue No. 12 - July/August 2014 - Page 20

MAMA’S FLOWERS Pain. Difficult situations. Longings. Unmet desires. We all feel them many times over in our lives. But the ways we work our relationships when we are dealing with pain is so important because our attitudes can have a huge effect on the very desires we are longing for, the situations where we want a change, or even our eternal destiny. Job’s wife told him while he was passing through that horrendous trial, “Curse God and die”. Even though the difficulties he was passing through at the time were pushing him to it, cursing God wouldn’t have made anything better, he may have even lost his life. Rachel succumbed to bitterness, anger and jealousy when faced with infertility. But we’re not pointing fingers. She was a woman with the same emotions any contemporary woman has. Five for Five Paula Mowery, Elizabeth Maddrey, Donna Winters, Kym McNabney, Julie Arduini have walked the pathways of infertility and are writing a devotional specially for women dealing with the same issues. We asked them this question: "Good relationships are vital when we are going through difficult times. What should a woman who is facing infertility do to ensure she keeps the following relationships healthy?“ - With God; with her husband; with other mothers; with work colleagues; with friends; with children. Five women who have experienced infertility, share honest, transparent encouragement and hope for women facing the same issue. JASMINE'S PLACE 20