Jasmine's Place Issue No. 12 - July/August 2014 - Page 14

WHERE MIRACLES HAPPEN Miracles – awesome events that often come in the nick of time and can change the course of our lives. Lillian Rhoades points to the place where they happen. “There must be someone much younger than I am who could be in charge... I’m not a leader. You gave me the gift of helps…What if… I am by the ocean banks as morning tips its hat and says, “Hello.” It stands with me while I smell the fresh scent of a new day and watch the mist that seems reluctant to turn over the mountaintops to an impatient sun. Silence is not a sound, but somehow I hear it in the quiet that engulfs me. The ocean has awakened, but it respects the hush as its muted ripples cascade over the rocks beneath it. I remain captured by the stillness, until I hear the sound of music that floats up from that place where memories reside. And I tell God everything He already knows about me, and all the reasons why I’m not the one for the job. When I’ve exhausted my excuses, and as the waves start to tackle my ankles, I step back towards solid ground; but not before I hear His voice. “Come! Walk on the water with Me.” This was my “Peter moment,” and by the water’s edge, my reluctance ebbs and flows with the onset of high tide. “Launch out into the deep and let the shorelines go”… The words press hard against my reluctant will. But I resist. Right now, I prefer shallow water and the reassuring comfort of wet sand beneath my feet. I’ve always been afraid to step beyond the no-risk zone. “Don’t be afraid. Come! Walk on the water with Me.” This time my thoughts float like the driftwood that bobs and weaves pass me, having had its own adventure with the deep. I can’t let go. I can’t step away from the uncertainties that are as threatening to me as the waves that begin to dominate the horizon. But I lack organizational skills…I may not get enough volunteers… How can I know this is your will for me? …Suppose… JASMINE'S PLACE 14 14