Jasmine's Place Issue No. 11 - May/June 2014 - Page 7

22 Getting Over Betrayal in Marriage Great advice from a pastor and agony aunt for getting over betrayal in a relationship, and how to trust God with your worries and fears. Community 28 Elegantees. A company that produces elegant tee-shirts made by women rescued from sex-trafficking. 22 42 Those New Year Resolutions How well are you doing? 50 Wish You Were Here Heart- warming memories from a holiday in Central New York State, USA. 28 34 Shades of Purple Ethically sourced gifts and accessories from Created Gifts. . Flowers for Mama 44 5 Secrets of An Organised Working Mom. Tried and tested tips to help moms on the go organize their homes, teach responsibility, and make those to-do lists a bit less daunting. 44 All information in this publication is accurate at the time of publication. While we do endeavour to make sure that all published information is correct, we cannot be held liable for mistakes or omissions. The inclusion of articles etc. does not necessarily indicate that the editor is in agreement or sympathy with what is written. Clients submitting content to us for publication are confirming that they have a legal right to do so, and agree to neither knowingly or unknowingly submit content they have no right to publish. The contributor accepts that he/she is responsible for ensuring they have publication rights of use for all material provided, and agree to indemnify any losses incurred to us , the publisher using content supplied by them. This also applies to where articles etc. have been sourced by us. We acknowledge that any logos, photographs, lyrics, images and trademarks remain the property of their respective owners. JASMINE'S PLACE 7