Jasmine's Place Issue No. 11 - May/June 2014 - Page 6

Contents MAY & JUNE 2014 Great Food 18 Quick and Simple Berry Trifle A simple and delicious dessert perfect for a warm spring or summer day. . Inspirational 18 8 Chasing Ink A fangirl/paparazzi with an autograph addiction’s transition to another type of waiter… Fasten your seat belt! 8 34 Style 34 Discover Your Star Personality! Great tips for perfect accessories! 36 Red Mrs Beckman kept repeating the word “Red”. But what did it mean? 52 When Silence Speaks Are there benefits in silence? Must the TV, computer, or DVD always be on? Features 12 The Benefits of A Good Night’s Sleep Surprisingly, inflammation reduction, linked to the risk of heart disease is one benefit of a good night’s sleep. 12 52 JASMINE'S PLACE 6