Jasmine's Place Issue No. 11 - May/June 2014 - Page 50

FEATURE 2 1 3 5 4 Pam Ford Davis shares heart-warming memories from her holiday in Central New York State, USA. WISH YOU WERE HERE Before the technology boom, travelers were restricted to mailing of postcards or costly long distance phone calls. Today, we have the luxury of instant messaging through cell phone calls, texting, facebook and tweeting. Methods change but the message holds true, “Wish you were here!” It is a genuine greeting. True, many travel alone but excursions are far more enjoyable with family or friends. Last summer, I went home to Central New York State, USA. My husband Norm served as traveling companion. We agree that it was one of our best vacations. Together, we made memories. When someone asks where I’m from, I answer New York State. Usually, the first response relates to New York City; I quickly explain JASMINE'S PLACE 50