Jasmine's Place Issue No. 11 - May/June 2014 - Page 46

2 KEEP IT OLD SCHOOL As much as I like using Apps on my phone, I like to be able to look at the week or month in advance, so in addition to APPS, I have a Do It All (17 Month) Planner. This tool alone saves my sanity, keeps me hopping to appointments and on top of my family’s schedule. Love that it has a section for each person. MAKE IT TEAM WORK I am so over trying to be the mom who keeps a clean house with happy kids. The idea flew the nest when I realized I needed more than one of me to keep up with my family. Since I cannot clone myself I opted for a better route - chores. Flying through my home, I noted “zones” that were a hot mess. With each zone, I thought about the ages and capabilities of each child and then executed a plan that would tame the madness, teach responsibility & team work, while making my to-do list a bit less daunting. Here are three areas my family is taming. 3 The Bathroom Each child is to clean the sink out with cleaning wipes after brushing teeth. (Love this one. I hate toothpaste in the sink. Each child is required to clean out the sink after they brush. Big win all the way around. :-) ). Each child is to use their towel for a week - Instead of using 3 towels per child per night, they are down to ONE towel. If it doesn’t get hung up the consequence of a weird smelling cold towel reminds them for the next bathing appointment. Each child can place laundry to hamper. Laundry In order to prevent 25 loads devouring the couch in my basement, I bought a laundry basket for each person in the family. Once the clothes have been washed, dried and fluffed, the laundry is then tossed into the correct basket including one just for towels and washrags. Each week the kids fold their own laundry and put it away. This alone has been my biggest sanity saving victory! My children are 5, 7, and 14. They are old enough to sort and fold clothes (keep in mind it will not be how gracefully you fold your laundry). This teaches them they it’s not a good idea to throw the “I was too lazy to put my clean clothes away so I’ll just through them in the hamper” because they will be sorting, folding and putting away their own clothes. :-) JASMINE'S PLACE 46