Jasmine's Place Issue No. 11 - May/June 2014 - Page 45

Remember the days before kids? We curled up on the couch in the evening with our handsome hubby’s, talking for hours-hours-about future plans and dreams. We would watch a few shows, maybe take a long hot bath before crawling under fresh sheets for a good night’s rest, only to get up, go to work, have adult conversations and repeat the process all over again, wondering when the adventures of motherhood would begin. Well my friends - the adventures in mothering have arrived on top of working and we’re all throwing snarky glances at kid-less women in your office space. Relax mom, say a quick prayer and let’s get down to business. Let’s dish on how to take the frazzled feeling out of your day. I know, I know–you’re already skimming this post looking for great, amazing tips to tame the frazzled feeling. I recently went back into the workforce. By day I’m a chauffeuring, loving, laundry cleaning, writer mom to three kids and by night I work for the local news in production. Let’s just say working part time is just as daunting as a full time job. Her e’s a few tips I’ve learned to make my work load just a bit easier and help teach the kids teamwork through responsibilities. 1 HARNESS TECHNOLOGY Apps like Intuition+, Mom’s Personal Assistant are free and keeps life right at your finger tips. This app features: Super easy task entry and organization. Add, check off and delete with simple gestures. Mom-focused articles and tips to keep you informed and simplify your hectic life. A Personal Assistant sidekick to help and inspire you. Grocery items library - easily find items and add your own. Sync Intuition with your Google calendar. JASMINE'S PLACE 45