Jasmine's Place Issue No. 11 - May/June 2014 - Page 35

Have you ever looked at a fashion magazine and thought to yourself, "I'd love to be a Rock Star, Movie Star, or Glamour Girl!" Do you know that you are one of these simply based on your height? MOVIE STARS: Medium to large printed and patterned clothes look beautiful on you! Your accessories should be medium in size. Look for styles that are medium in size so that they don't overpower you! You qualify to be a Rock Star, like Brooke Shields, if you are 5' 8" or taller! If you are 5' 7" to 5'4" then you are a Movie Star, like Elisha Cuthbert. If you are 5'2" or shorter then you are a Glamour Girl, like Reese Witherspoon! Would you like to know the SECRETS to dressing like a STAR? Tip: Add a necklace that has bright colors mixed with silver, gold or both. The layered look of beads or pearls against a solid colored blouse in yellow, coral, or orchid is a fresh spring look! ROCK STARS: Large or oversized prints and patterns look fantastic on you! Your accessories should be large to fit your frame size. The BEST choices are chunky, bold, and bright. This is critical to your appearance so that people notice you first rather than your outfit. Tip: Add a new handbag to your wardrobe that is oversized and in a bright color like blue or red. Tie a floral or print scarf in a large pattern to the handbag. This makes a statement that fits your frame size. GLAMOUR GIRLS: Small to Medium prints, patterns, and styles look fabulous on you. Your accessories should be small or petite in size. Bright colors look great on you but make sure to mix them with small patterns like polka dots or stripes The most important thing to remember is the size of your accessorizes must match your frame size. This will give you a very polished and finished style! Lynnae Bussell is a Professional Image Consultant and Christian Women’s Speaker. She received her certification from Shari Braendel, owner of Fashion Meets Faith. Lynnae has a background in retail sales and office administration. Her skills include training in color analysis, body type assessment, accessorizing, and understanding different personality styles. She also has knowledge and training in skin care and color cosmetics. She is the owner of Timeless Beauty by His Design. She began the business because she is passionate about helping women to discover that they are beautifully created designer originals inside and out. She lives and works in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas. She loves opportunities to speak to women’s ministry groups, corporate lunch and learn session, or girl’s night out parties. Find out more at: www.lynnaebussell.com. JASMINE'S PLACE 35 35