Jasmine's Place Issue No. 11 - May/June 2014 - Page 22

FEATURE In an interview with Premier Christian Radio, Jo Naughton describes the best ways to get over betrayal in a relationship, and how to trust God with your worries and fears. Getting Over Betrayal In Marriage . JN: I am a firm believer that one of the best ways to help to ensure a happy marriage is for us to get healed of the sorts of things we’ve gone through - whether it’s childhood, whether it’s teenage years, things that have happened through work and life. If we don’t offload those issues, if we don’t face the truth and allow God to do that deep work, then it will affect our closest relationships. PCR: I agree entirely, how on earth do we start that journey – where do we begin? JN: We have to start with facing the truth. And one of the things I think we’re very good at doing is saying “that’s over now, let’s move on, forget about it, that was difficult, but fresh day, fresh chapter” But if we have been bruised or wounded and we don’t acknowledge that, then we will carry those new fears, new insecurities into our new relationships. Really the starting point, is with the Holy Spirit’s help, facing the truth of some of the things that have affected us. PCR: Facing the truth, talking to others about it as well? JN: Not necessarily. You see as women, we’re good at talking to friends and we will talk. But sometimes what we don’t do is actually really talk to God about these things. To talk to Him like the Father that He is… the Daddy we can open up to. Because, when we pour out our hearts before God and really release our pain to Him, He can actually bring healing. JASMINE'S PLACE 22