Jasmine's Place Issue No. 11 - May/June 2014 - Page 11

She hugged me, but I wouldn’t let her walk away without getting a picture. I’d worked too hard to get there. The photo of me standing with Vieira (international tourist photo bomber and all) is now framed on the wall in my room. Stalking Vieira wasn’t my finest moment, but it wasn’t my worst. Then came my worst moment. It was one of my many trips to New York City with my grandma. We were walking contentedly through the avenues, until I remembered it was the day of the Glee concert at Radio City Music Hall. The wheels started turning, and then… “Grandma! Let’s go to Radio City and wait by the stage doors until the Glee cast comes out!” She, like all doting grandmas, didn’t have the heart to say no. We got there and, sure enough, there was already a huge crowd who had the same idea we – I – had. I don’t how long it had been. But, the crowd and the exertion of being on her feet became too much for my grandma, so she told me she was going to wait in the back. Awhile after that, finally Amber Riley, who plays Glee’s vocal diva Mercedes, emerged…and went straight into a car. My eager expectations dashed, I looked back to check on my grandma. She was leaning against a wall - clearly exhausted. As all best lessons do, mine gradually started making itself known. Looking at my worn out grandma, who would much rather be curled up in bed with a Reader’s Digest than enduring a crowd full of overzealous Gleeks, it dawned on me how trivial my pursuit was. How can I make my grandma stand on her feet for hours just so I can score a signature? I couldn’t. I walked out of the crowd, let other fans eagerly take my place, and walked back to Grand Central with my 70 plus-year-old grandma - who is a bigger rock star anyway. Now, I couldn’t even tell you where half those graphs are for which I spent so much time waiting and pushing. Stuffed in some drawer, no doubt. In the corner of my room back home in upstate New York. Not sure. The point is, it doesn’t matter. A couple months ago I stumbled across a Washington, DC movie premiere. It was called White House Down. I overheard that Channing Continued on page 46 JASMINE'S PLACE 11 11