Jasmine's Place Issue No. 11 - May/June 2014 - Page 10

took the paper out of my hand! When I got it back I had my own freshly written “Taylor Hicks” (more like, “T – Hic –“) on a ticket that wasn’t mine. Success! My knack for chasing ink followed me overseas, when I just happened to be studying abroad in England during the Royal Wedding. Don’t worry, I didn’t try to run after Prince William for an autograph on his wedding day. He had a more important signature to make. And I don’t think the Royal Guard would have let me anywhere near Kate Middleton’s dress with a black marker. Now armed and dangerous, I could enjoy the thrill of being one with the crowd. Waving my arms and screaming, “Taylor!” with the other fans was an experience until then I didn’t know I was missing. It was Meredith Vieira I was after. Along with the rest of NBC’s Today show cast, Vieira was reporting on all things “Will and Kate” the last few days before their anticipated nuptials. While the mostly British crowd in Trafalgar Square was singing along with some boy band I’d never heard of (i.e., not One Direction), I surreptitiously made my way to the back of the tent Vieira was in preparing for her next segment. There was one friendly security guard guarding the entrance. I handed him a piece of paper and asked him if he could give it to Vieira to sign. He obliged, but came back empty- handed, explaining she “may” sign it after her segment. That could take forever. Not wanting to miss my chance and just stand backstage like a dud, I walked back to the crowd to watch the live taping of Vieira interviewing Kate Middleton’s bridal jewelry designer. After she finished the interview, Vieira graciously made her way up and down the line of fans, stopping and chatting with each person. Oh, and I didn’t mention it was my birthday. As soon as she shook my hand I took the opportunity to tell her meeting her was a great present. JASMINE'S PLACE 10 10