January 2018 Magazines 89138 - Page 41

A Step Above Betsy and Daniel Bellinger One team, one family, one goal is the overriding theme in the lives of Palo Verde High School seniors and siblings Betsy and Daniel Bellinger. All-star dynamos in their respective sports as well as in the classroom, the pair have dedicated countless hours and immense effort into being the best athletes and students they can be. As siblings they’ve got much in common, including their source of inspiration, from whom they learned the value of honesty, respect, working as a team and self-sacrifice. With their individual hopes and dreams propelling them forward, they are shining examples of what happens when you set your sights high and never sell yourself short, and for that, Betsy and Daniel Bellinger are– A Step Above. BETSY DANIEL G.P.A.: 4.7 G.P.A.: 4.26 Sports/Clubs: Sports/Clubs: • JV Soccer, 2014-2015 • Cross Country, 2015 • Varsity Flag Football, 2014-Present; Captain, 2015-Present • Varsity Track, 2014-Present • National Honor Society, 2017 • Pep Club, 2017 • Random Acts of Kindness Club, 2017 • Best Buddies, 2017 • Freshman Football, 2014-2015 • Freshman Basketball, 2014-2015 • JV Football, 2015-2016 • JV Basketball, 2015-2016 • Varsity Football, 2016-Present; Captain, 2016-Present • Varsity Basketball, 2016-Present; Captain, 2016-Present • Varsity Track, 2014-Present Awards/Community Service: Awards/Community Service: • Second Team All-State–Flag Football • Defensive Player of the Year–Flag Football, 2017 • Distance Newcomer of the Year–Track, 2015 • Athlete of the Month, February 2017 • Green Our Planet, 2015-Present • Church Mission to Mexico, 2017 • San Diego St. University Full Ride Scholarship–Football • First Team All-Conference Tight End, 2017; Linebacker, 2017 • Second Team All-Conference Center–Basketball 2016 • Miracle League, 2016-2017 • Corner Stone Church Housebuilding Project in Mexico, 2016-2017 • Lupus Walk, 2015-2016 Betsy, what accomplishments are you most proud of? “For flag football, making Second Team All-State. I adore flag football more than anything in the world, and being recognized for all my hard work was outstanding. In school, I am most proud of my GPA. It was not easy taking AP classes while playing sports, but I studied hard and earned good grades.” What is your recipe for success, Daniel? “It’s a combination of work ethic, dedication, determination, character and competitiveness. I strive to remain humble and ensure that I never give up no matter what. I know if I want something in life I have to work for it. My overall goal is to just do everything at the best of my ability and to never give up.” Betsy, is there someone that you look up to? “I look up to my dad because he has taught me what sacrifice is and what it means to work hard. He teaches me new things every day and has convinced me what it is to be a team player. He doesn’t want me to be just mediocre; he pushes me to be the very best in everything I do, even if I doubt myself.” January/February 2018 Daniel, have you faced any obstacles that really forced you to up your game? “As a freshman, our team was supposed to be really good, but we lost five games and only won four. It was a disappointing season. However, the following year as a JV team we worked hard and went undefeated. It made me realize that you can’t ever give up in life because you never know what might happen.” 41