January 2018 Magazines 89134 - Page 46

02 February 2.1-28 – Events at the Smith Center The Smith Center, 361 Symphony Park Ave. Lineup includes Rent (2.2-4), How I Became a Pirate (2.7), The Lao Tizer Band (2.9-10), LV Philharmonic’s Sounds from Twilight (2.10), Soul Men starring Spectrum (2.14), Remembering Luther: “The Night I Fell in Love” (2.16-18), Beauty and the Beast (2.17-18), Johnny Mathis (2.23), Composers Showcase (2.28) and more. Visit www.thesmithcenter.com for info. 2.2 – First Friday Downtown Las Vegas Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas, Casino Center Blvd. Bring the entire family to enjoy thematic art exhibits, music, food and excellent people watching at this highly pop- ular monthly event in Downtown Las Vegas. Visit www.firstfridaylasvegas.com for more information. 2.2 – Shopkins Live! Cox Pavilion, 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy. Jessicake, Bubbleisha, Pepp-Mint and other beloved shoppies of Shopkins make their theatrical debut in this orig- inal new live show. An ensemble cast of multi-talented performers brings the show to life through urban style music, song and dance. Visit www.UNLVtickets.com for tickets. 2.2-18 – Time Stands Still Las Vegas Little Theatre, 3920 Schiff Dr. Sarah and her boyfriend James are a couple who make a living documenting the horrors of war. When they come back from covering the Iraq war, physically bruised and emotionally be ][HY[\\\Hۙ۝BXوH[ܙH۝[[ۘ[YK\]˛ ܙ܈[˂8$Y\Z]XX[X^”[[^H]\\][^K ̌[Z\]YXx&\\][YHܘ[[^H]\ ][[ܛ\ Y\Z]XX[X^\Y[\Z[X\›و]YY[\ܛYH]Z\\Y[[\[ۚY\Yۘ]\H[H[ݙ\[\Z[ۜYH[B\\]˛\ݙY\ۙ]YK݈܈[˂8$[][[][]\“YH[X\X[H]\X[\S L HˈX\[[Kܘ[[^H]\ [Z[]Y[^Z]\\[\\[]\\ܛ\HX\X˜ۘ\X]\[[X[ۜH[[\\]H\ܘ\H][Y\  X\[[[\˂\]˕SYKX܈[˂KL8$ [X[ L  M 8$]H\Y\X\]Y []]B]H[YK ˈ[\\ M H[ۈ ML[^XB[H\\HXHZ][Y]X\[\]YHܘY][H[[ܙH[H[KB^KK L[[]H]\X[[HY]و]H[YK\]˝]][Y[H܂L H]YH]H[˂[][Y[ۈXH][ۜ\Œ LLH8$ M[X[[Hܝ[H\][[\H[[Z[Y]YYX[ٙXBZ[[[\H\ٙ[܈][\X]K LH\^ۘH [\]B\YH[\[H\][]\[[]\[Z\[[H[B܈[H\Y][\[Y[[][ݙ\Hܛ^\Y[Hݙ\ L ܝ[\\Y\\\[ۜ[][[[Y[][\[[][[[YK\]˙[\ܝ[Kܙ܈Y[K[[[Y][\ܝوH H8$R[X\Xx&\]\\Hܘ[K\]HXK ]\]H\˛Z ܙ܈[˂ܘ[]Y\و[[]H[]Y\و[KR[X\8&\[H[[\]][ۜ›و[\[[\]\X\[H\ۋ[\\ܛX[KH[H[Y\X[ۙB]HۜY\ܙX]]\Xܚ][HܙX]ܚ]\X]\]\K\]˝\X[H܈X]˂KLLK MKLN8$]YHۜ\]ܞHX]H\[[\’YH^[^HX]HS L HˈX\[[KHX^ۋHܛY\\وHYܛ\X[XYY\ܚ\H\YHX[[ NMM]؝\ ^YY\HXX[HHXZ܈XYY\\[\[YKx&\]\\Z\]ۈ\[][ۋB\]\YH[\ۋ[\ۈ[H^H[ \]˕SYKX܈X]˂L8$[\[ۚX\[[H[Y^[[HZ][\ ͌H[\۞H\]Kۘ]X\HۙX\Y\\Y[[[ۙY\\ZXY[ܚx&\[[[\YH[KBY\[HY\ۙX[X[&\[[ۘ\[Z[܎[Y]ݙ[&\[\۞Hˈ [HXZ܋\L[]˛[ ܙ˂L LLH8$ [X[Y\]^•ܛX\][\][[ۋ Hˈܘ[[[K[[\]][H\[[ZX^][Y\]H[[ۜ][ۜ]X]^\[ܜو[[]Y[ۜ[]X[ܙK\]˝Y\]^˘H܈[˂L  M  H 8$SX[\][X\ XX[\ L HˈX\[[KY\ۈH[[&HX[\^H]H\ZHۈ[Z[ L KZ\ܘH M K\ۛ]H JB[]YK[ K\]˝[X[˘H܈X][[˂LKL8$Y\[ۚY^B S[ؚ[H\[K ˈ\Y\ HY\[ۚYX[HZ\HXH[X[ۋ\XYX]\YZ[H[Y[XHY\Š LJKXYX] LKY[۝ۈ[\ MJK[۝X[[YY[ MK[ZZ[HX NJK[\H[Y\ JK[]\[X H[[[\[ K\]˛ H܈Y[B[X]˂